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Case studies: Cowork Central

Connecting Cowork Central with its ideal customers

“Web Made Good really managed to capture the fun and friendly nature of our space, drawing in exactly the right kind of location-independent, creative people we were looking for”

Helen Gruber, Cowork Central

The people

A creative hub in the Lisbon that offers small companies and freelancers flexible desk space and meeting rooms.

The problem

Cowork Central offers a unique and vibrant workspace that’s full of character, and they wanted to find a way to show this off to potential customers and drive sales. The site needed to target both Portuguese locals and foreign visitors to Lisbon needing a place to work.

The solution

We wanted the new site to be a visual feast, really selling this space through pictures as well as words. To achieve this, Web Made Good commissioned photography of the space, and handled copywriting, translation and branding as well as developing the site structure. Functionally, we focused on ease-of-use for hot-deskers, creating a bookings system that allows them to log in and reserve a space online. Content in multiple languages and a responsive mobile platform make the whole process completely seamless, and make a big difference to the day-to-day running of a small company.

The results

With an attractive new look and accessible booking tools, Cowork Central have been able to make a powerful connection with exactly the right kind of customers, and those customers are coming back to book again and again.

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