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Case studies: Louise Yates

An animated adventure for a children’s author

The people

Louise Yates is a best-selling, award-winning children's author and illustrator.

The problem

Louise’s illustrations and stories are beautiful and quirky, and she wanted a fun, creative site that would echo that feel, showcasing her work. We were really excited to be working with such a talented artist to make a website that truly represented her.

The solution

We wanted the site to be a real glimpse into Louise’s world. We decided to make it dynamic through animation, using Javascript and sound to bring her drawings to life. We also experimented with user interaction to make the site fun to use, telling the story of Louise's work intuitively. We were aware that Louise’s visitors were likely to be a mix of ages with different experience of web navigation, so we used a combination of classic and more advanced techniques to make the site accessible, whoever was viewing it.

The results

We had a delighted client on this project. Louise was particularly happy that the animation elements of the site stood her in good stead as she moved into making animated stories for children’s TV. We’re looking forward to developing the site further in 2014 and filling it with great new characters.

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