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Case studies: Third Rail

A discovery tool for the Third Rail Festival

“I found working with Tom and the team at Web Made Good to be a great experience. All our deadlines were met and we have been inundated with compliments about our web site!”

Jo Bartlett, Third Rail

The people

Third Rail is an independent music festival featuring alternative and up-and-coming acts, created by the founders of the hugely successful Green Man festival.

The problem

The Third Rail concept is something rather different, envisaged as a big day full of different concerts rather than a traditional festival. To reflect this original approach, the organisers wanted a fresh feel to the website, showcasing the individual bands while retaining a strong brand focus. The site needed to get visitors excited about the event and inspire them to buy tickets.

The solution

Our design for the Third Rail site was all about discovery. We came up with a fun, dynamic layout that allowed users to explore known and unknown bands through music clips and videos. The design encourages interaction and engagement, and the festival’s grungy retro branding tied everything together.

The use of Javascript was key to the site's dynamic feel, although we also used progressive enhancement to allow search engines and less capable browsers to view it. Responsiveness was baked in right from the outset, ensuring the content sparkled regardless of screen size – crucial for the festival’s young, smartphone-using target audience.

The results

The festival organisers loved the design, and ticket sales are going well. For Web Made Good, this was a chance to take an innovative approach to a fun project.