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Case studies: VOSS Solutions

Getting the message across for VOSS Solutions

“Web Made Good’s redesign for VOSS Solutions has delivered great results for us – and brought us bang up to date. The back-office system they developed makes it really easy for the team at VOSS to maintain the site.”

Christopher May, VP and Founder, VOSS Solutions

The people

VOSS provide an innovative software platform for managing enterprise communications, allowing organisations with many users and branches to smoothly implement collaboration services such as video conferencing, document sharing and instant messaging.

The problem

VOSS were a long-term client of ours with a new problem. The company had grown and their brand goals had changed, but the website hadn’t kept up. VOSS needed a clean slate and a clear plan. They wanted a site that:

  • communicated the value of their complex product clearly
  • balanced corporate/professional with interesting/easy-to-use
  • was flexible enough to change and grow with the company

The research

We talked to stakeholders to get a picture of common problems and goals. We also looked at what VOSS’s competitors were doing. It became clear that VOSS weren’t communicating clearly to customers. Competitors were capitalising on advances in technology to get their message across with strong images, diagrams and clearly structured content. VOSS needed to get with the times.

The solution

This was a fantastic chance to build something intuitive, future-proof and on-brand from the ground up. We would create a site that delivered the VOSS message clearly to visitors, and that was easy for staff to update.

It was also exciting to be able to build the site ‘mobile-first’ – designing with responsiveness in mind from the very start, rather than as an add-on. This gave great scope to prioritise and come up with an elegant solution

The potential pitfalls

VOSS sell a highly technical product, but we wanted the site to be easy to understand and accessible. We had to convince VOSS of the need for a single vision and a clear message, moving them away from the generic stock photography they had traditionally used, towards a more typographic and iconographic approach.

The process

We were involved in all aspects of this project, from developing branding to site design and architecture.

  1. Upping our game
    We used the latest version of the Web Made Good CMS framework to create tools that made it easy for VOSS staff to update content on the site. To deliver our vision, we enhanced our core platform to enable us to create purpose-specific templates more easily. We also expanded our talent base, bringing in illustrators and designers for graphics and branding work.
  2. Making it clear
    We used content-specific design to guide users towards the information they wanted. We also developed clear diagrams to communicate what VOSS does in simple terms, creating a new graphic language for the whole company.
  3. Keeping channels open
    We ensured everything ran smoothly by using project tools such as Teamwork and Google Drive to communicate between our team and the client.

The results

  • A fast, intuitive website showcasing the product and brand objectives
  • Responsive modern design allowing ease of use on all mobile platforms
  • Every piece of content on the site easily accessed and updated by key staff
  • Future-proof technical underpinnings

The bigger picture

Our work on the VOSS site was so successful that they asked us to expand the project remit, taking our vision beyond the site and into the rest of the company. We worked on:

  • design and production of promotional material, including a booth for their key industry conference, using striking imagery to ensure VOSS were telling their story effectively.
  • developing an online training platform for clients learning to use the core VOSS product. Our solution was an intuitive web interface that allows visitors to access training material quickly and gives VOSS the access control and feedback they need.
  • providing user-experience consultancy to simplify the look and feel of the graphical user interface for the VOSS platform itself, transforming it from confusing to clear.
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